Very shady company. My experience has been a eye opener to not deal with any free 30 day supply of anything.

BEWARE!! They will charge your account $87.63 after 1 week of use. You don't even know at that point if the product even works! Was told that there would be a monthly charge also.

BEWARE and get all facts before ordering from anyone.

Further, they say it was on their website but had a ad on facebook that I found them to get the 30 day trial. Apparently the product doesn't work and this is their way of "hooking" the consumer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bellalabs Free Trial.

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Same here; I am reporting them to BBB.

Tukwila, Washington, United States #797347

I have had the same issues with Bellalabs--not only did they charge me $89.00 BEFORE my 30 day free trial was up, but they charged an additional "international fee"

When I called to complain, they told me it was only a 14 day trial & it is my problem because I "didn't read the Agreement Form"

Moral of the story:

NEVER participate in any so-called free trial offers.

Carthage, North Carolina, United States #797156

I received a fancy bottle from Bella Labs I called them to discuss this product, it does not list any ingredient that looks like what they were advertising. I was on hold for at least 10 minutes because all agents were busy, when someone came on the line and I started asking her questions she HUNG UP on me. I will be checking my account to see if anything is being charged to me.


People who keep falling for free this and free that are always amazed when they discover the truth. Ignorance is never blissful.

to Anonymous #1101405

This is not a fair comment - there ARE legitimate on-line companies that DO the right thing. FREE is supposed to be FREE, unless the definition of "free" has changed in the dictionary.

Yes, shipping charges are stated and paid...no issue about that, BUT a free first order to try the product should be honored, period. Don't you agree companies should stand by their product guaranties? Look how Amazon has grown and continues to grow...they simply fill orders and get the items to their customers as fast as they can. Why should we expect less from BellaLab and leCreme companies?

What's wrong with you to think people are just plain "ignorant" for expecting a company to do as they promised?

Been burned a few times? Speak out and help expose these lies instead of being part of the problem.

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