Springboro, Ohio

I ordered a "free trial" of both LaCreme and BellaLabs. I received ONE receipt.

When I tried to cancel my subscription, I contacted the support number on my one receipt. BellaLabs offered to let me keep the product for 1/2 off, so I did that. A month later, I received another package of LaCreme and my credit card was billed $87.63. I called BellaLabs, who confirmed I had cancelled the order with them, but needed to also cancel with LaCreme and gave me an email that bounced and a phone number that didn't answer but I left a message two days in a row without any reply.

The third day, I called and waited almost a half hour on hold. Then the person said that I should have gotten a separate receipt with their contact information on it (which I didn't and I checked all my emails and junk file) and the most they could do was refund half the price and i could keep the product. It didn't matter that I'd never been informed these products were separate orders, I'd never received a separate email order confirmation or contact info. The product itself is nothing special; I've used it for over a month now and there's no noticeable difference in my skin.

Their "free trial" isn't free nor is there any fine print about the order/cancellation process that's obvious, easy to find or restated on any receipt, not even a link with information about the refund policy, which any reputable company would provide.

This is their way of getting your credit card info and charging you until you catch onto their scam and then they keep part of your money and won't let you return the product after the trial period is over. Buyer beware!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bellalabs Free Trial.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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The same thing happened to me...complete FRAUD. Buyer beware.


I was about to order there products, but wanted to read the reviews first. I'm so very happy I did that.

I want to thank all who have posted there reviews.

I'm sorry you all had so much problems. I will not order there product.

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