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I was charged more than $260 for products that were supposed to be free samples, and were not advertised as subscriptions. The ad offered two-week free samples for only the cost of shipping.

Then, using the credit card number from the shipping, they charged me the full cost of the samples, $86 each, and sent another sample, charging another $86. When I complained by phone, I was put on hold for so long that I hung up. When I complained by email, I received a copy of a statement they swore was part of the advertising, but must have been in tiny tiny tiny print which stated that by ordering the samples I agreed to cancel within 10 days or I would be charged full price of $86. I never saw or read that in relation to the ad that I answered.

Had I read that, I never would have ordered "free" samples. Absolutely deceptive scam!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bellalabs Free Trial.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $280.

BellaLabs Cons: Unauthorized charges, Poor customer service, False facebook testimonials, Rude customer service, Deceptive advertising.

  • Creme Del Mar
  • Biofinite
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i just got a collection notice !!! are they kidding..

paid for the sample.. never signed up for anything.

thank god i lost the card used a while back and canceled it. I am opening a complaint w the BBB, this is ridiculous.


I also have the same problem. Even worse, when ordering it would say it was declined so I tried another card..knowing they were all GOOD, also said declined....but guess what they did....they are charging both card for the product because it DID go through....this is totally a fraudulent way to get your money even on more than 1 account!

Can anyone give me the email address please? I would like to email them to cancel both of them and return my payments....


Same thing happened to me. I keep calling to cancel and no one EVER answers the phone. I just sent them an email, I hope that works!


This has also happened to me. How can they legally get away with this!

Sounds like a item for 60 Minutes especially because seniors (like me ) are scammed and paying for something not requested or ordered. Wish they could have their hands slapped if nothing else!


Same here... I plan to send them back unused....


They did say TWO WEEKS in the ad and the way I understood it I was getting free samples for just paying the shipping . I happened to read the "terms and conditions" in the paper that came with the products (Creme Del Mar and Biofinite) and realized that if I didn't cancel and return the bottles that I would be charged 87.63 for the Creme Del Mar and another 87.63 for the Biofinite.

I tried to call them today but they weren't there. I plan to call tomorrow, cancel and return the products.

I haven't used them. If I still get charged, I will put a stop on the charges through my credit card company and report them to my Attorney General plus to their Attorney General.


It happen the same to me, what did they finally did with this charge ?

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