Hagerstown, Maryland
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CANCEL ALL BELLA PRODUCTS : Diana Stevenson, 20334 Townsend Rd., MD. 21779 - - NOW - - - dianamay@juno.com Cancel my subscription,do not want.

Refund my Discover card. cancel products, cancel Bella products now, cancel, cancel Bella Skin care now, do not want. Do not send to me again, cancel. Do not send me any more Bella Skin Care Products.

Cancel sending me any Bella Skin care Products. Please do not send me any more Bella Skin care.I do not want Bella skin care products sent to me - - - Do not send me any more Bella Skin care. DO not want.

Cancel my subscription now, no more Bella skin mailed to me. Diana Stevenson

Reason of review: cancell all Bella Skin Care Products.

BellaLabs Cons: Trying to cancel all bella skin car3e, Do not mail again.

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You must cancel with Bella, not here. You fell for their trial offer scam and signed up unknowingly for a monthly delivery.

Your best option is to contact your credit card company and tell them what happened and they can close out your present card and issue a new one with new numbers, etc. so Bella cannot continue to charge you each month.


You are a total scam artist. I'm turning you into the BBB. You owe me 4.97



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