Bellalabs Serum Free Trial Reviews

95 for the serum only. Next thing I knew, I was charged $34.95 total, which included 2 extra items that I didn't sign up for. Just looked in my online banking and saw two more surprise charges - one for $87.35 and another for $89.95!! I called them and the gal I spoke to just argued with me and said I accepted the terms of the agreement, which I don't remember doing. After a heated discussion, she said she would give me 50% back. Well, I didn't...
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Anonymous Where did you get the phone number or could you please tell me

I liked
  • Noithing until i get my money
I didn't like
  • Deceptive ad
  • Took my money not once but tried to again
  • Feel ripped off
Bella Gold advertises Free Samples with just the cost of shipping and no hidden stipulations then begins charging large amounts on your submitted credit card without authorization!Didn't even get the opportunity to try the "not so free" sample before they went in for the kill....Terrible business practices. I see many others complaining of the same experience. Bella Gold preys on the public and needs to be stopped.I encourage anyone who has had...
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