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I had the exact same problem, it is a scam and this company should be shut down!!!

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I cancelled the atm card I used to order the FREE trial samples, for shipping and handling. When I called the company Junisse Skin.

The name change is so they can rehit your account if you only cancel them as Bella, etc. I ordered the samples and my account was hit 20 days later for $67, my husband caught it on the account immediately. The charge never shows as pending on your account, because they submit the charge late at night (apparently something the bank is aware of this loop hole in their system. So apparently, fraud, is this company!

I filed a claim with my bank and it is pending. When you call the Bella/Junisse company, the representative states you have 19 days to cancel.

NOWHERE on the site does it state this. I printed up my order and confirmation!

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