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What a crock! I ordered the free sample and paid $5.95 for shipping.

I just looked at my bank statement and saw 2 unauthorized charges, one for $89.95 and another for $86.75 with 2 different phone numbers listed. I called the one and argued with a guy who was very rude and threatened legal action and he said go ahead. I told him this was a scam! So I'm not going to give up now!

I'm calling better business bureau and emailing them relentlessly.

I'm also calling my bank first thing in the morning! I want my money back so I agree we should file a class action lawsuit!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bellalabs Cream.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

BellaLabs Cons: What a scam.

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I'm right there with you I ordered the sample for shipping only and apparently I have 14 days to try it or they are going to charge my account $89 so I called on the day after supposedly was 14 days and I asked for a supervisor they would not give me to supervisor I was so pissed I yelled and asked for a supervisor again & again & again I said please please send me to a supervisor.... The girl was actually arguing with me and gave me examples of for instance if you go to Walmart blah blah blah I said you know what I just received the sample on Wednesday it did not hit my account until Friday previous you're telling me I have 14 days to try it otherwise cancel it I'll be charged the full amount???it was ridiculous ...finally some other girl got on the line supposedly a supervisor I doubt it and gave me a courtesy credit of $44 out of the 88$ What a scam!!!


I'm with you, sister. However, it seems like the credit card company is on their side.

I canceled my card and have written to everyone I can think of including the BBB, and also the President of the credit card company. This is a total scam on all levels. I showed the comments, that over 450 people had the same experience, but no help. Class action suit might wake them.



I also ordered the free sample for 595 then I received another sample and they got charged for $89 and then I received another sample I sent all three samples back to the company and now I'm being threatened with collection by collect Pros I'm certainly not going to pay for this cream that I sent back to them thank you bye

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