Chicago, Illinois

I also ordered both but the way they worded this is deseptive. I was under the impression that it would cist $4.00 and something for shipping.the 30 day trial.

And I ordered the two bella cream and lacreme so total would be like $8.00 and something. Then when I called they said I had to pay 89.00 for each product. And if I cancelled I would have to ship the product back at my own ex pence. Then they offered me to keep the product at half the price but they would cancel my order.

I should have known that this was too good to be true. There is no wayiI would pay $89.00 for each of the product a month. OMG thats almost $200.00 a month for a 30 day supply.

I'm not rich!!! False advertizement .I hate you.

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I have 2 charges on my account of $87.63 after I cancelled my further orders. Today I received 2 packages [which I will not open] and have to return {and pay for.} Cancelled on time, did my part but cannot get charges removed from credit card.

I have found out I can buy both products at Walmart for less than $50.00, if I wanted them, which I don't. I have been charged over $350. for a product which I cannot use plus postage to return. ( more than half of my monthly SScheck!.

Can't sue--no money for attorney.

Hate dishonest companies ....


I wish I had read all the complaints about this product before I got sucked in . they claim They cancelled me but I was offered the product for $43.00 each.

Or I could send the product back at my own ex pence. This is a SCAM!!!!! I WILL NOT FALL AGAIN.


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