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Bella Serta Skin Cream I received a text from Target that ALL I had to pay was the shipping for this product of $4.94; then the NEXT day I was charged for some kind of subscription WHICH I did NOT order so I had to call them to CANCEL to have my refund of $19.98 THEN on March 20, I find a charge of $89.03 and when I call the number given I was told that I had NOT called BACK within a number of days? I held online for a Manager to have my account refunded for 30 minutes!!!


They are a total SCAM and get your card and charge you! I'm Done!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bellalabs Cream Free Trial.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $89.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Do not get involved with bella serta.

You will pay for it more then in money.


Same thin happened to me - however I didn't get a refund.


Call 8442319454. They charged my card twice within two weeks of the trail offer.

I called them and told them I did not authorize them to charge my card and I will be contacting my bank immediately. They refunded both charges immediately.


This is a scam, fine print shows up after you pay with your CC, then get stuck for $89 a month recurring fee. Joanna and Chip Gaines are Theives... Buyer Beware.


Total scam...all they want is your credit card..Lucky for me my card fraud alert called me and I cancelled my card


I ordered after seeing the products as a targeted ad. I was very careful to read everything before clicking to try this, because I specifically did not want a "subscription" or commitment of any sort.

Lo and behold, my bank called me about a fraudulent charge.

I declined the charge and called the company.

I know caveat emptor and all that, but this is disgusting.


Was just charged over 89.00 Plus bucks for something that I didn't even order. Where they got my name and address I have no idea.

It was charged to my credit card! Folks watch your credit cards!!!!


Total scammers. I ordered a free trial product and understood all I had to pay was cost of shipping of only of $4.95.

They charged me some other amount and I called and disputed the next day and they removed that charge. Well, a month later a $39.95 amount came out of my bank account for unauthorized charges. I called the 866-805-2648 number and they told me I had an active account because I didn't call within 14 days to cancel the trial. They told me it was in the terms and agreement.

I never saw anything stating I would be charged additional money for this product which by the way is worthless. I can purchase same type of product at Walmart.

Don't order any free trial or anything from this company. They will totally rip you off!!!!!

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