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When I see "No Risk Trial Offer" and similar sales phrases, I assume I get a trial product. In a moment of lapsed judgment, I hit the button for a trial offer jar of Bella Serata and paid the postage.

The site was filled with colorful banners declaring "limited time offer!" "No Risk Trial!" -- you get the point. Nowhere was there a line in sight that said "if you don't return it in 14 days we bill you $90". NOWHERE. Oh yes, if you look at the bottom of page 3, in 4 pt.

type in grey, you will see Terms & Conditions. If you see it, and have the time and patience after reading everything else on the site, you learn that it is a trial offer that HAS TO BE RETURNED or you are billed for it. My jar arrived with nothing inside the box indicating this. No return label, no mention of where it came from, and certainly nothing telling me that my credit card would be charged $90 if the jar isn't returned in 14 days.

Fast forward...what did I just receive? Another box with another jar in it. This time something really looked fishy. The shipping slip did not have the name or address of the company.

Just the words "Bill to" with my name following it. Bill to? I never ordered this jar! So I made a call to the company to find out that "Risk Free Free Trial" actually means none of that.

I didn't read the tiny Terms & Conditions so I was responsible for full payment of the first jar. I will immediately return the second jar which, had NO RETURN ADDRESS on the billing statement and obviously no return label. I am not commenting on the quality of the product. You decide that for yourself.

But this company is SCAMMING every woman who reads how fabulous this product is and how easy it is to get a Risk Free, Free Trial offer. They have designed it so you have to look for the Terms and Conditions, hoping we won't. Hoping we'll just keep it assuming it's a free trial offer.

It isn't. It's a total SCAM SO WATCH OUT.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bellalabs Cream Free Trial.

Reason of review: You're scamming customers and not making it clear that they will be charged after 14 days..

Monetary Loss: $90.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

BellaLabs Cons: This is not a free trial offer but a scam.

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That is exactly what happened to me. My total loss was $201.00!


I am sending emails to every consumer agency I can find. Especially in Florida where they seem to be based.

They are scamming lots of women and it's time for them to be shut down!

Do what you can! I want revenge for the money I lost and for feeling like a *** for falling or this scam!

Let's expose BELLALABS and BELLA SERATA for the scam they are.

Sorry you lost so much money.

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