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I ordered on line what I thought were trial size products of Bella Gold Serum $5.95 and Bella Gold Cream at $4.95. I received both products in a small box about two to three weeks ago.

I never tried the cream but used a little of the serum.

When I was paying my discover bill I noticed that I had been charged. $89.95 for the serum and $87.35 for the cream.

The serum was billed under Junisse Skin 866-4495-5640 Utah

The cream was billed under My Beauty Creams 866-805-2648 CA

I did not agree to any special terms and thought I was just paying for the two products.

When I called the Utah number I was told that I would have had to cancel the order by a certain time. I was not aware of this and don't recall seeing this when I ordered. I would not have ordered these products had I known there was a stipulation. I was also told that the $4.95 and $5.95 amounts were shipping and handling charges.

Both products came in the same small box and were shipped from Salt Lake City Utah.

The package did not contain a billing statement, only a card to describe how to use the products.

I was told that they would cancel any future orders. After more protest from me they agreed to deduct $30.57 for the serum and$31.48 for the cream. The total amount of these two products was $177.30. Even though they are deducting those two amounts it still leaves me paying

$115.28. Discover Card is doing what they can to help with this problem.

I feel totally ripped off and will be reporting this company to the BBB.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Sharon1948 stated that there is a room for improvement of being scammed and deceptive advertising. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "charging my credit credit for additional orders that i was not aware i agreed to" of bellalabs cream free trial and associated monetary loss in the amount of $115. Bellalabs needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Medford, Oregon, United States #1251162

Same experience here.Do not order these products.

Underhanded, sneaky, and a rip off. Might as well have Snake Oil written on bottles! I wonder if Christie Brinkley realizes she is hurting her credibility? Or maybe she is washed up and wants to rip people off.


Detroit, Michigan, United States #1194366

I am having the same issue with this company this time its for the product junisse, they charged my card without my ok, they were suppose to refund me $200, they said it takes them 60 days to do a refund its been almost four months still no money, i've tried calling customer service and they cant find me in their system? Like wtf!


This just happened to me!I knew better but went ahead to get their "Free sample" with $2.95 shipping.

I read the entire website and there is absolutely NOTHING about future orders or charges. I had to cancel my credit card and trying to get the $89.95 charge back. This company is preying on the public and should be held accountable for scamming!


Metairie, Louisiana, United States #1193291

The same thing happened to me! I am currently calling the company and will be disputing the charges.

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