TO EVERYONE WHO GETS CAUGHT IN A SCAM LIKE THIS: all you need to do to put an end to it - is call your credit card company. tell them you have lost your card. they will cancel it right away - and send out a new one with a new number. end of scam!

i ordered both these products and right afterwards googled them to see if there were any reviews. should have done it BEFOREHAND - but eh! something was wrong because the pic they have of the before and after 50 year old phoenix mom is well - good but dodgy! if you examine the picture closely - the mom's top lip differs from the daughters top lip ever so slightly. the daughter has a small crest - where the mom does not.

anyway- the bella labs stuff arrived about a week later. i called AFTER HOURS - and left a message cancelling the 14 DAY FREE TRIAL and all future orders. i said on the message that i was recording this cancellation message. i additionally send an email cancellation via the email they sent me confirming my order. that way they can't say they didn't get it!

the following day i rec'd an email giving me the bs that everyone on the complaint forum has mentioned - about returning the product or purchasing it for 1/2 price yadda yadda. i responded by stating this is a FREE 14 DAY TRAIL PERIOD OFFER FOR THE PRICE OF SHIPPING, that is $5 - no mention about returning product . they tried to further intimidate me with more emails. they also sent a cancellation confirmation email. You need to do the same thing with LA CREME.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bellalabs Free Trial.

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Same issue.......$87.63 is on my bill! No refund, even though I have not opened the package!

A real rip off company!

They give you a 30 day supply, but want you to return it within 14 days of receiving it. How in the H do you know if you want it?


A definite scam. Got ripped off the the tune of over $160.00 when all I wanted was the free trial for $5.00.

When I complained, I was told that I should have cancelled within fourteen days, and therefore was not entitled to a refund.

I was asked if I wanted to have the deliveries and order cancelled for any further product and I said a definite yes, but instead, I just received another shipment today in the mail from Bela Labs.

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